High Speed DSL Internet Service

High Speed Cable Internet from $40 – Ontario

Yak is proud to offer Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet!

Enjoy great service at a great price.

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Cable 5

All you need for your basic usage

Starting At


per month!

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Monthly/Usage $40
Speed Down / Up 5 / 1
Setup $50.00

Cable 30

Super fast speed lets you share, stream, watch over multiple devices

Starting At


per month!

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Internet Cable 30 300GB UNLIMITED
Monthly/Usage $55 $65
Speed Down / Up 30 / 5 30 / 5
Setup $50.00 $50.00


Options Technicolor TC4300 Modem
Buy $99.95
Rent $9.95
Rent to own $8.95 for 12 months
Shipping $10.00

*Taxes not included. The rented modem will need to be returned if you cancel your service. A one-time $50 Activation Fee appllies to new Internet customers. A $60 Installation Fee applies to Internet reconnections and/or changes of address. Overage will be charged a $1.00 per GB to a maximum of $50 per month if you exceed the monthly transfer limit on capped usage plans (combined download and upload). Offer available where technology permits. Speeds may vary depending on your technical configuration, the servers hosting the visited sites, Internet traffic, the simultaneous use of IP TV (if applicable), network status and other factors. Use of services is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms and Conditions apply.

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